Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Message From A Stranger

Anyone who’s suffered from FQAD knows how it feels to be broken. I sure do. I’m approaching my ten year anniversary of floxing and I can tell you that despite my recent improvements in health it’s still a difficult way to live.

Recently my son qualified for a playoff tournament with his college team. He plays division I soccer and has worked very hard to get where he is. My husband and I love going to his games so attending this tournament was important to us as well. The one issue was the distance. It was in Davidson, NC, about 13 hours away by car. A couple years ago I could not have made the drive due to my daily battles with pain but this year I was willing to try. As broken as I am it was important to me to be there and airfare was far too expensive so we drove. After a heartbreaking overtime loss it was time to make the drive back home. At 9:00 am on a beautiful sunny day we hit the road. We stopped for lunch and gas and the next time our fuel light came on we decided to grab some dinner at a restaurant nearby.

After our long car ride I went to the Ladies room first and as I was washing my hands a woman entered the restroom and stopped near the sink. She looked at me with kindness and compassion and said to me “God will heal you.” My eyes began to well up with tears and as I looked at her I realized her eyes were welling up too. I nodded in reply and said yes He will. She then took both my hands in hers, stared at me with intensity, and prayed for my healing. It was incredibly emotional and beautiful. This complete stranger was so full of certainty, compassion, and love. I felt very comforted by her actions. I proceeded to give her a FQT awareness card at that point and tell her that I took Cipro and that’s how I got this way. She then told me that when her mother was 60 years old she got a flu shot and it paralyzed her. I knew then that she understood what I was going through. We embraced each other in that bathroom, I thanked her, and then I accompanied my husband back to my seat. She stopped by our table before leaving and again I was humbled by the intensity of her gaze, her conviction, and the kindness that was her. I was struck by the fact that there are truly wonderful and caring people in this world. People full of love and compassion, strength and beauty. People with a powerful message of hope for those of us who are broken.

I believe that sometimes God, Spirit, an angel, a higher power or whatever you choose to believe in puts people in our path to deliver the messages that we need to hear. I believe that’s the reason we wound up at that restaurant. You see during that car ride I prayed for continued healing and mentioned that I was struggling. I felt exhausted dealing with my health issues and I even asked for a sign that I was on the right path. I thought to myself at the time; how can I get a sign riding in a car on a highway for hours? And yet I did receive a beautiful message from a complete stranger. After meeting this lovely woman I felt restored and rejuvenated and I wasn’t hungry anymore. I’d received food for my soul from the power of this woman’s love and that was all that I needed. 

My wish for all of you who are struggling with chronic health issues is that you find your own path to healing, that you have the strength to get through each day, and that you receive the messages that you need to hear whether it’s from a loved one, a friend or a complete stranger. Open your heart and soul to hear the messages that are meant for you.

Yours in Health,