Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You Are...

You are still you.

You are the person you’ve always been. Your inner self is still here and beautiful. Never lose sight of that.

Chronic illness changes us in so many ways that unless you go through it and experience it first hand it’s hard to describe. It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and why you’re here when dealing with pain and health challenges that most people never think about. Floxing can cause all kinds of damage to our bodies and dealing with it is a challenge. I know because I’m living it too.

Your health issues don’t define you. Your inner strength and character define you. Your love and kindness towards others defines you.

Living with chronic illness can and often does create the necessity to redefine your own perceptions of yourself. With that change think about how this challenge has changed you. What is it that you’ve learned? What is it that you want to do about your experience?

But remember you are still you.  You are here for a reason. Never give up and don’t forget who you are. You are special. You are one of a kind. You are loved.



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