Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pieces of a Puzzle

Trying to recover from floxing can be a difficult task to say the least. As victims of FQT we are on our own. There has not been any research done or peer reviewed studies on treatments and the medical community is at a loss as to how to treat us. We are unique among chronic illnesses in this regard. If you have cancer, heart disease or an auto immune disease or some other labeled illness you will have numerous research studies and treatment options available to you.  If you have FQAD/FQT or some other mystery illness you might have a support group to discuss options but none of these options have been studied by the medical profession. Even the rare doctors that recognize FQAD will admit they have no idea what to do to help us.

Hopefully that will change in the future but in the meantime I would like to give those newer to FQT some help navigating this syndrome. Since we all know about cycling of symptoms as its common to this toxicity and that our symptoms and side affects are numerous I’d like to tell you my approach. Trying to deal with so many health issues all at once can be overwhelming so I took a much simpler approach to try to heal my body. Like starting a new jigsaw puzzle and looking at a thousand random pieces can be daunting recovering from floxing can be too.

When I start a new puzzle I build the border first and then work on specific areas within the puzzle itself that I feel I can do. I use this same approach in dealing with FQT. I start by getting my border done first in other words I began by eating healthy and avoiding exposure to toxins. This is the foundation or border using the puzzle analogy. I recommend eating organic and non GMO as much as you can afford. As well as using organic or earth friendly toiletries, cleaners, detergents, and soaps. I’ve found very affordable options for shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, toothpastes and more. In doing this you reduce the toxic load on your body. I can’t stress enough how important eating nutrient dense foods is to give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself and studies have shown that organic food is more nutrient dense than conventionally grown.

Next I worked on areas that were or are the most important health issues to me and occasionally a random piece of the puzzle would fall into place in the process. For instance I was struggling with hypoglycemia at one time so I ate a diet to control blood sugar levels. It took months but I did get my blood sugar stabilized. In the process of working on that I cut out sugar and had the added benefit of a reduction in nerve pain. As I got this under control I realized that my digestion was not functioning properly. I was eating more yet felt like I was starving for nutrients so I embarked on a diet to heal leaky gut. I’d been sugar, gluten, and processed food free but it wasn’t enough. I never thought my gut was that bad but embarking on the diet to heal my gut and following it without cheating for a full year helped considerably. I did heal my digestive issues and in the process I reduced my muscle pain, some of my muscle stiffness (tone form of spasticity) and muscle ratcheting (clonus form of spasticity) too. In tackling some of the bigger issues I was able to help some of the other issues I was dealing with as well. So like putting together a puzzle I worked away on different areas of my health towards healing.

I’m still working on completing the large puzzle that is floxing. FQT certainly is a puzzle for those of us going through it. The puzzle that makes up my issues has some sections that are more challenging than others but I still find it easier, more manageable and less overwhelming to tackle just a few areas at a time.

Yours in Health, Betsy 

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