Monday, May 9, 2016

Fight the Good Fight

Just over nine years ago I took four pills of generic Ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic in the Fluorquinolone family. Little did I know that those four pills would alter my health to the point I’d become disabled. Previously I’d always been able to rely on my physical health. I was strong. As a mother of three I could lug cases of Gatorade and water home from the club stores, haul 40 lb bags of pellets into the house from our shed in the back yard, and had the stamina to ski all day with my teenage children. Only four little pills would change that for me. Who knew an antibiotic could do that to anyone? I didn’t or I never would have swallowed that first pill.

Even with my changing emotional state over the years one thing has remained constant; I’ve kept fighting to improve my health. With so many health problems I discovered that looking at the most debilitating ones and addressing those first helped me focus on which areas of my health were priorities at that particular time. This is especially important as floxing tends to cycle and change over the years. So I’d work on the worst symptoms and as those improved for me I’d work on the next symptom and so on. It’s proven a good system for me as looking at everything at once can be a bit overwhelming.Over the years that I’ve been dealing with this I’ve gone through a range of emotional states. I began by being defiant and when doctors told me I would only get worse I left them as a patient. I went through numerous periods of wanting to throw in the towel but I knew that wasn’t me. It was just another ugly side affect of the medication altering my personality and changing the happy person I knew myself to be. Eventually I’ve found peace with my situation through prayer and listening to my inner voice. Listening to that inner voice has also helped me with healing.
Even though I felt like throwing in the towel at times (many times actually) I never did. I kept fighting the good fight to get better. I did what I could afford and planned/saved for the therapies that I couldn’t. Did I make mistakes along the way? I most certainly did. Like most floxies I’ve got a drawer of supplements I’ll never use. But I also found things that helped! Things I wish I’d known about early on. However early on I probably wouldn’t have stuck with some of them long enough to find out that they worked or perhaps I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the money back then. I feel that things have happened the way they were supposed to and not necessarily the way I wanted them to. Even at nine years post flox I’ve had some improvements so I will keep fighting to recover.
The last thing I want to mention is that it’s important to treat your body with respect by doing everything you can to support your physical health. To fight the good fight I recommend going as organic (non toxic) as possible. This includes toiletries and cleaners as well as food. I have a good friend who’s very knowledgeable about genetics and systems/pathways in the body who I continue to learn from every day. One of the strongest messages I get from her is to avoid GMO’s and pesticides as they interfere with certain pathways in the body necessary to maintain health.
I wish for you to keep fighting the good fight. Have faith that you too can improve your health.

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