Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Message in the Mess

When dealing with her diagnosis of cancer Robin Roberts said someone told her (I think it was her mother) to “make your mess your message”. She was doing that by discussing her experience publicly. I admired this and thought to myself that I have a mess of my own dealing with fluoroquinolone toxicity. But what’s my message? I try to spread awareness of the dangers of these antibiotics, try to help others in the support groups deal with the side affects by sharing information I’ve learned along the way, and I work hard to keep my family healthy in the safest way possible (avoiding pharmaceuticals). But what’s my message? At the time I didn’t have one and truth be told I find it somewhat hard to define now. That being said it’s becoming clearer to me than it was a few months ago.
In asking myself; what’s my message? I began to listen to my inner voice. We all have one. Some refer to it as instinct but its there. Far too often we get too busy to listen. Several times in my life I’ve come to regret that because if I had listened I could’ve avoided pain and hardship including getting floxed. As a result I’m trying harder to listen and act on what my inner voice is telling me. That’s why I’m here and began this page in the hope I can help others.
So what’s your inner voice telling you? Or what’s your message? Even if you don’t have a “mess to make a message” we all have a message. It’s something we feel urged to accomplish in our lives. Perhaps you’ve already begun working on yours or you’ve been putting it off waiting for the right time. Why not start now? What’s it telling you to do? Is it urging you to look for a new job, call an old friend, start a new activity or create something in a medium you’ve always wanted to try? Is it telling you to share your story like mine is? Is it suggesting you mend a relationship that is broken, try a new treatment to improve your health, advocate for something you believe in or to go back to school? It can be any number of different things as we’re all unique and have our own message we wish to bring to our families, friends, and loved ones or an even larger audience. Listen to your inner voice; contemplate what it’s telling you and then when you’re ready act on it. You’ll know when to start as it gets easier to hear that voice the more you listen. Most importantly trust yourself.
I’m still working on defining my message. All kinds of things come to mind; be kind to others, live life to the fullest, it’s easier to maintain health than to restore it so be careful what you consume whether it’s food, toiletries, or pharmaceuticals, etc. and other things come to mind as well such as my disability doesn’t define me and disabled people have value to contribute to society. I know my intent with “Betsy’s Message” is to create a positive place for people to come to when they need comfort and support. Hopefully it will be a place of hope for those suffering. We all need cheering up from time to time whether chronically ill, caring for someone who’s ill or just feeling in need of help. I hope that you find some of that here and if I ever clearly define my message you’ll be amongst the first to know. I will add this; just because I’m disabled and have difficulty with my speech as a result of the neurological damage I’ve suffered it doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to say. I’ve got a message, maybe even more than one. My message for today is one of hope. My health is improving even though I’m nine years out from being floxed. I’ve got a long way to go but I have faith that by listening to that inner voice of mine and trusting myself I will get there and I will heal. If I can improve and heal then you can too. Trust yourself and trust in your journey and you too will find your message in the mess.
Yours in health, Betsy

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