Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hindsight is 20/20

I’ve learned so much about health and healthy living since I was floxed. In hindsight I wish I’d taken more time to learn these things at a younger age since prevention is vital to maintaining one’s health. That being said I’m thankful that I know them now. My whole family is healthier as a result of what I’ve learned and trips to the doctor are almost nonexistent. Some of what I’ve learned I’m going to share with you now.
At the first sign of a cold or virus I take or give my family member a mixture of different supplements. A primary one being manuka honey. I buy organic and like 16+ or higher. I always keep it on hand in my house. It’s a great anti viral and anti bacterial. We adjust how much we consume based on how sick we are and take some other things as well. Another favorite anti viral is black elderberry. It’s been proven to shorten the duration of the flu and it’s also an excellent preventative if taken daily. If someone has the flu then I recommend taking it 4 or more times a day and increasing the amount one takes as well. We also take it as a preventative when traveling in the winter. There are a couple products with black elderberry so do your research to find the one you think is best. Next up on my go to list is grape seed extract which is a staple in my house and L lysine which I take daily because of my personal health issues and my genetics report. I’ve done this report for my children as well and give L lysine to them at the first sign of illness. L lysine is necessary for the body to utilize vitamin B6 and some with compromised snps need to supplement. It’s also vital for collagen repair, is a CNS anti-inflammatory and a potent anti viral. There are other foods and supplements to head off infections as well such as garlic, olive leaf extract, apple cider vinegar, essential oils and more. For essential oils I recommend topical application diluted to 10% with a carrier (90%) or diffused. I’d never ingest them. As always do your own research to see what you think is best. For body aches I love a tart cherry concentrate. My favorite right now is a tonic with ginger and turmeric added. We dilute it in water or plain seltzer and even the picky eater in my house will drink it all day when sick.
Another thing I do is Google “natural remedies for… “And enter the symptom or illness we’re dealing with. We are so fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips with the internet and I’ve found it an invaluable tool for research. There are many products from nature that can prevent a virus from turning into an infection. By going this route the need for antibiotics can often be eliminated and with that the side affects of medications are avoided too. It doesn’t take much time to find a safer natural remedy and in doing so you can save yourself a life of illness and pain like I endure from taking a fluoroquinolone antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) back in 2007.
Put your health first and be your own advocate. Finding safe health promoting alternatives to prescription and over the counter medications is much easier than it used to be. I research and buy products online. My “medicine” cabinet contains products that are homeopathic and plant based now. As a result my entire family is healthier and no one has needed antibiotics in years.
Yours in Health, Betsy

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